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Weather in Cairo

Cairo, and Egypt as a whole, basically has only two seasons, the winter and the summer. Generally speaking, the weather is hot and dry. Find out the latest temperatures in Cairo, with our six-day Cairo weather forecast below.

The winter months extend from November to April and are the most enjoyable time to visit Cairo. The tourist season peaks between December and February as these are the coolest of the winter months. Days are normally sunny but there is no guarantee they will remain so all through winter; occasionally, you can expect overcast skies followed by cold nights. Night temperatures can often drop to as low as 8° C (46° F) and it is a good idea to carry a warm jacket if you plan to get out during the evenings.

Also be warned that many Cairo hotels, buildings and hostels do not have heaters in their rooms. Towards the end of the winter months in March and April, Cairo gets hit by the hot khamsin winds from the western desert. These strong winds can fill the air with sand and dust, making things very unpleasant.

The summer months are from May to October when the weather is considerably warmer. June, July and August get very hot and uncomfortable with temperatures in Cairo averaging 35° C (95° F), and can often reach the scorching 40° C (104° F) mark. If you can, avoid these months. You can visit Cairo at any other time of the year with early spring, from March to May, and early autumn, from September to November, being good periods to plan an Egyptian holiday.

The climate in Cairo is both temperate and arid and there is little or no precipitation. The summer months can get a little humid, but the rest of the year is quite dry.

Six-day forecast (Details)
°F | °C

Jun 01

Hi:  41°C

Lo:  22°C

Jun 02

Hi:  41°C

Lo:  22°C

Jun 03

Hi:  44°C

Lo:  23°C

Jun 04

Hi:  44°C

Lo:  28°C

Jun 05

Hi:  42°C

Lo:  24°C

Jun 06

Hi:  41°C

Lo:  26°C