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Welcome to Cairo!

Cairo, the capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa, is a unique mix of East and West, the ancient and the modern. By far the biggest attraction and 'must see' for most visitors is the spectacular Pyramids. They are one of the world's oldest tourist attractions and the reason most people visit Egypt. However, there's more to Cairo than the Pyramids, with beautiful Islamic architecture, museum antiquities and the sophisticated symbols of modernity. The ancient Nile flows tranquilly by fashionable homes, Cairo hotels and island allotments alike, past mausoleums and palaces of the living, uniting all of the city's humanity.

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One of the last remaining seven wonders of the world, the Pyramids of Giza represent one of the greatest architectural feats by man.

Greater Cairo is divided into three administrative governorates, the Kaliobia Governorate in the northeast, the Giza Governorate which includes the West Bank and the southern and eastern part which come under the Cairo Governorate. Together, these three areas are called Greater Cairo. Cairo is spread over more than 453 sq km (175 sq m), though the city and its suburbs are more or less contiguous. You can use our Cairo map to choose your hotel in Cairo based on its location, and ensure that you stay close to what you wish to see and do in Cairo

Tahrir Square on the east bank in downtown Cairo is a tourist hotspot where you will find the Arab League Headquarters, the fascinating Egyptian Museum and the modern Umar Makram Mosque. You will find numerous Cairo hotels in this area and it makes a great base for exploring the city. Along the east bank of the Nile is the Corniche, Cairo's main thoroughfare which is not far from the new residential area called Garden City.

Zamalek or Jazerah, a river island, is another upscale residential and commercial neighbourhood in the centre of Cairo. Two prominent landmarks in Zamalek are the Cairo Opera House which was founded in 1869 and theCairo Towers which was built in 1961. Two bridges connect the island to both banks of the river. Towards the south, the island of Al-Rodah is also connected by two bridges and another bridge in the north is primarily used by vehicles and the railways.

Move out of the city centre to the river's east bank and you'll find yourself in the neighbourhood of Islamic Cairo, which stretches all the way from the north-east to the south-east. It's like stepping into the past and the ideal place for a Cairo tour; here, the narrow streets are lined with packed bazaars selling a variety of goods, and you will find a great number of mosques dating back to medieval times.

South of Islamic Cairo is Old Cairo with some of the oldest buildings and monuments in the region. Old Cairo is home to the Coptic Christian community and here, you will find the Coptic Museum and a number of Coptic churches.

Thanks to the irrigation of Cairo's desert peripheries, a number of suburbs have developed in these outlying areas. Heliopolis is one such fast developing suburb in the north-east. New migrant neighbourhoods have also been developed amongst existing suburbs to house the booming population. Then, there are industrial zones which further choke the city's growth. 

The Ramses Railway Station and the bus terminus are in downtown Cairo while the International Airport is about 24 km or 15 m outside the city towards the north-east.

Historically, Cairo has been the capital of successive Egyptian civilizations for more than 6000 years now. Taking a tour in Cairo is a great way of learning about this rich history and to immerse yourself in its colourful culture. Cairo can be translated into English as the 'city of the victorious' but the locals call the city Misr which means Egypt in Arabic. This is because Cairo has been central to the culture and development of the whole of Egypt. Located on both banks of the river Nile, near the delta, this historic city still holds the charm of its glorious past, but like many other metros in the developing world, is subject to overpopulation, poverty, urban sprawl and failing infrastructure.

The discerning eye catches glimpses of Cairo's rare beauty in flame-tree lined boulevards, exquisite balconies overlooking the Nile, the sunlight glinting off brass lamps. Cairo can be overwhelming to a first-time visitor. A degree of tolerance is required to genuinely appreciate the city's multi-faceted character! We are locally based and know all there is to know about Cairo. We can help you find the ideal place to stay on your Cairo holiday, as well as helping you choose the right tour in Cairo to suit your travel plans and budget. You can book your hotel in Cairo and Cairo tours quickly and with confidence through our Cairo hotels site.

Visit one of Egypt's most famous oases, Fayoum Oasis, Qaroun lake, and Wadi Al-Ryan on this day tour.

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At the top of the list of ‘must sees' for people who visit Egypt are the majestic Giza pyramids! Situated directly in front of the pyramids is the Sphinx monument - another amazing reminder of Pharaonic times.

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Take in stunning views of the Giza plateau as you travel on camels or horses around the pyramids!


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Travel to the Valley of the Kings and Queens, Karnak Temple and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut on this magnificent tour of Luxor.

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Enjoy a Nile River dinner cruise on an elegant floating restaurant sailing on the Nile River!

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Pharaoh Egypt Hotel is situated in a superb place, in the heart of Cairo.

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Tiba Pyramids Hotel is located at the pyramids area, making it is easy to visit the pyramids and many other famous Egyptian sites.

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President Cairo Hotel is a beautiful 3-star hotel. It is a cozy and friendly hotel and with its location, you can reach most of the city sights & attractions.

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Welcome to Cairo!

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